QDo you recycle all printer cartridges?
AYes at the Recycling Box we recognise the importance of a full recycling facility for ALL inkjet and toner cartridges. Many other recycling organisations require you to first check your cartridge against a list of acceptable ones. With the Recycling Box you don’t have to. Simply place your cartridges into your recycling box and arrange a collection once the box is full.
QCan I put batteries into the box?
AUnfortunately, even though we would love to accept batteries, these are composed of specialist materials and in February 2010, new legislation was released saying that batteries must be recycled via take-back schemes implemented by the stores that sell them. Many of the large stores including large retail outlets and supermarkets are now offering free collection boxes for batteries and we would encourage you to recycle your batteries via this method.
QI can’t remember my website login details, what should I do?
AIf you have forgotten your password, please click on the forgotten password button and your password will be automatically sent to the email address that you registered with. If you have forgotten both your username and password, you can either register again and create a new account or contact us via the contact form on this website and someone will respond within 48 hours. Alternatively if the request is very urgent you may request a collection as a guest.
QCan I arrange a collection on behalf of someone else?
ANo, unfortunately you cannot arrange a collection on behalf of someone else. The person arranging the collection must be the person who has ticked the box that says: “I agree I am authorised to act on behalf of my organisation in regard to the movement of controlled waste in accordance with Waste Regulations 2011”.
QI have received a PIC reference number, what is this?
AIf you have received a 6 digit reference number prefixed by the letters PIC, it means that you have arranged a collection of your recycling box. If you have received a PIC reference number but you haven’t arranged a collection, please contact us via the contact form on this website. Your PIC reference number ensures that there is a link between your business andthe collection that you have requested. You will need this reference number if you have any queries about your collection. We will also ask you to write this reference number onto your recycling box(es) so that they are linked to your account.
QCan I use the same PIC reference number for multiple collections?
ANo, each collection will generate a new PIC reference number. It is important that you use the correct PIC reference for each collection.
QI have not received a PIC reference number, what should I do?
AIf you believe you have arranged a collection and you have not received a PIC reference number to the email address that you registered with, then please contact us via the contact form on this website.
QI have lost my PIC reference number what should I do?
APlease contact us via the contact form on this website and we will issue you with your PIC reference number.
QMy box/boxes were not collected, what should I do?
APlease wait 24 hours following the expected collection time first, in order to see if the collection is fulfilled. Unfortunately there are occasions when the courier driver doesn’t have enough room on his van or has run out of time to come and collect your box. In these circumstances the collection is automatically rolled over to the next day; in this situation the majority of collections are then fulfilled. If after 24 hours of the scheduled collection time, the courier driver has still not come to collect your box, please contact us via the contact form on this website. We will follow up your collection with the courier company that we have used to perform the collection. We will make sure that you are kept informed at regular intervals of what is happening with your collection. If the driver still does not collect the box, we will then arrange an alternative collection for you.
QThe boxes that I ordered were not delivered; can you please send me some more?
ABoxes can take up to 5 working days to arrive. If your box/boxes do not arrive after 5 working days, please contact us via the contact form on this website. We will then chase the delivery of these boxes with the courier driver. Where a proof of delivery is available, we will obtain one. Where a proof of delivery is not available we will re-issue you with your boxes.
QWill the collection driver leave me with a replacement box?
ANo, you will need to log onto this website and purchase more recycling boxes. Even if recycling boxes are purchased at the same time as a collection is booked, your box/boxes will not arrive at the same time the collection takes place. This is because we have one courier who focuses on delivering boxes for us and one that is responsible for our collections.
QI have received a Waste Transfer Note, what is this?
APlease see the Waste Legislation section of this website for a description of what the Waste Transfer Note is for.
QI have been told that the Waste Transfer Note requires a signature, please can you sign it.
AOur Waste Transfer Notes do not require both parties to sign the document. This is because we use a tick box on the website that constitutes an e-signature. We have obtained written confirmation from the Environment Agency that an e-signature is a sufficient method of signing the Waste Transfer Note.
QI work at head office. Can I have one Waste Transfer note to cover all our branch offices?
AUnfortunately not. A Waste Transfer Note is a document that is required to cover the transfer of waste from one premise to another. Each premise that waste is collected from requires a Waste Transfer Note to be issued.
QWhat happens to my personal details once the collection is complete?
AFor information on personal details, please see our privacy policy [add link to privacy policy]
QWhat happens to the cartridges once they are collected?
AEnvironmental Business Products is a remanufacturer of inkjet cartridges. Once the cartridges are collected they are either remanufactured or broken down into their component parts (plastics and metals) and recycled. For more information please see the ‘About us’ page on this website. [link to about page]